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• Very little is known about subtitling in Italy which is perceived as a niche sector. It is clear, however, that the sector has expanded greatly over the last 8 years or so, thanks especially to satellite TV and DVDs.
• Any successful project in this field must be based on a clear understanding of industry practices and a close relationship with the firms.
• The project is geared towards enhancing our ability to provide useful subtitler training, based also on the faculty's long-standing experience in training translators and interpreters.
• Subtitling is a practice which greatly attracts students. It offers us the opportunity to both provide professional training and to involve them in research.

• To carry out field research and gather data on the industry in Italy and make the results available via this website.
• To develop on previous experience in subtitler training in collaboration with firms.
• To research currents notions of quality in Italian subtitling and work towards an applicable model of subtitling quality in collaboration with firms.

1. Field Research
Field research based on interviews with:
• Subtitling Agencies
• TV channels, Satellite channels, DVD distribution companies and other agents who commission subtitles
• Film festivals, Art Cinemas
• Professional subtitlers
The Field research is carried out with the contribution of students doing their dissertation and all data will eventually be published online.

2. Subtitler Training
• We believe that our long experience in translator training makes us suitable to develop a successful programme in subtitler training.
• It is important that our courses also be based on a detailed knowledge of industry practices (see No. 1), and preferably in collaboration with firms.
• The 2-year post-graduate course in Translation offers us an opportunity to begin acquiring experience in subtitler training.

3. A Quality Model for Subtitling
• The last and most delicate phase of the project. Will depend on having established a close working relationship with firms.
• To reflect upon, and begin to draw up a quality model specifically designed for the Italian industry and in collaboration with Italian firms.
• To encourage understanding of the importance of a shared set of standards for the final product and a quality model for the production process; among the producers as well as among the industry's clients (commissioners) and final users.

Special Needs
• Thanks to the work of our PhD student Carlo Eugeni, as well as Federico Brunetto doing his degree thesis, we have also begun research into Special Needs subtitling, a subject that has been virtually ignored in Italy to date.
• Who are the final users?
• European and national legislation on media accessibility
• What is Subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (SDH)
• English for Specific Purposes: the case of SDH at BBC UK
• Experimental real time subtitling in Italy

Progress so far
1. Research & Teaching
• So far, thanks to the contribution of our undergraduate students doing their dissertations, the group has carried out 30 interviews – including 8 in Belgium.
• With the new research fellowship, held by Elena Di Giovanni, this work will be intensified – we hope with the contribution of students of the new post graduate degree in Translation.
• The group has so far produced 20 dissertations, the best of which will be made available online.
• Chris Rundle, with the collaboration of Elena Di Giovanni, has held tutorial seminars for students doing dissertations, as well as a module on subtitling within the Translation course of the post graduate degree in Translation.

2. Stages/Internships
• Human Rights Nights 2004 & 2005 (Cineteca di Bologna): 6 students from the group carried out and projected all the subtitles of this important international film festival.
• Umbria Film Festival 2004 & 2005: 3 students from the group carried out and projected subtitles.
• Sedicicorto 2005: A festival of shorts to be held in Forlμ. Subtitles to be carried out and projected by students from the project.
• Iberamericana 2005 (Cineteca di Bologna): Students from the group will carry out and project subtitles for all the films of this festival of South American films.

3. Contacts and initiatives
• We have developed good relations with a number of firms, who have also collaborated with the teaching.
• Chris Rundle is editing a Special Issue on Subtitling on the online Translation Journal inTRAlinea ( http://www.intralinea.it )
• Elena Di Giovanni presented a paper on the Subtitle Project at the conference on AV Translation to be held Barcelona in June 2005.
• Chris Rundle and Elena Di Giovanni will be organizing and chairing a Roundtable on quality in subtitling, involving a selection of Italian firms, to be held within the Department's international conference on AV Translation in October 2005.

People Involved
An important part of the project is to try and get students involved in the research. The idea is to provide them with an opportunity to enrich the training they have received with the experience of taking part in an academic team project, conducting research in the field, and producing academic work of their own, in the form of dissertations, based on their research and the material collected within the project. So far about 40 have become involved in the work of the project.

The project is coordinated by Chris Rundle , who is a lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Bologna.

Elena Di Giovanni is the full-time reaserch fellow attached to the project.

Carlo Eugeni is working on a PhD in English For Special Purposes which will look at Special Needs Subtitling. The PhD will be completed at the Universitΰ Federico II in Naples, and is carried out in collaboration with the Subtitle Project.

Subtitle Project is a research project on the subtitling industry in Italy conducted by the Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies in Translation, Languages and Cultures (SITLeC) of the University of Bologna.