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:: Resources

This section is inteded to be interactive with all site members contributing to the material it contains. The information is public and can be used, referred to, linked to and quoted freely. If you are interested in contributing information or ideas then please register with us.

:: News
Lists items of interest on subtitling, including conferences and new publications. All site members can publish in this section.

:: Bibliography
This is a bibliography on subtitling and AVT. The aim here is not to be exhaustive but to list the most recent and (in our opinion) the most interesting titles, including all those which we know to be available online.

:: Online Resources
The aim is to provide a section from which you can navigate to all useful resources on subtitling which are available online: websites, journals, bibliographies, software, etc.

:: Subtitling Firms
This is a list of firms, agencies or other bodies who regularly produce subtitles. Our information is largely focused on Italy, for obvious reasons, but not only.

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